I developed manual skills and a taste for design during my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Marseille, where I was part of the sound and sculpture studios. In parallel with my artistic projects at the time, I had my first internship with Roger Bruno, a renowned guitar maker. He became my mentor, who transmitted me his passion, encouraged me to make further discoveries and explore the different fields gravitating around this vocation.

After obtaining my degree in Fine Arts, it is in Quebec that I pursued my training with Mr. Michel Pellerin. For 5 months my primary focus was the production of acoustic guitars.

Thereafter I enrolled for the Bruand School in Montreal, to be trained for 3 years by a team of distinguished guitar makers, such as René Wilhelmy, Jeff Demers, Hugues Lefort… This experience allowed me to discover the sphere of classical and flamenca guitars, together with deepening my knowledge of acoustic guitars.

Following my studies, I established my studio in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood, where I undertook my endeavors and maintain my practice. Repairing, restoring and producing guitars keep fueling my knowledge.


Set-up service

Included :
  • General inspection of the instrument
  • Complete cleaning
  • Fret polish
  • Fretboard oiling
  • Electronics clean up
  • Tuners lubrication
  • Nut lubrication
  • Strings replacement (strings not included)
  • Neck relief adjustment
  • Strings height adjustment
  • Harmonics adjustment (electrics only)
Repairs and modifications :
  • Cracks
  • Broken heads
  • Bridges and other elements gluing
  • Tuners replacement
  • Installing or changing pickups (electrics and acoustics)
  • Electronics (diagnosis, elements replacement, shielding ...)
  • Frets level and refrets
  • Custom nut and saddles

Many other services are available.

For more information, please contact me.

+1 438-763-3561 - lutherie.batault@gmail.com

5425 rue de bordeaux #201-A H2H 2P9
+1 438-763-3561 - lutherie.batault@gmail.com


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